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I'm not aware of the key-combination. However, here's how I did this on Mavericks (10.9.2): Click System Preferences Click Users & Groups If the Lock icon is closed, click the lock icon and authenticate Click Login Options Locate Network Account Server and click Edit (if there is a network server) or Join (if there is not) Click Open Directory Utility ...


A while back, I wrote up a guide for enabling FileVault 1 which included ways to recover in case of a problem. That said, you really will need your account password or the Master Password in order to recover your data from the FileVault-encrypted account. The guide is available in Word and PDF format via the link below: Guide to enabling FileVault


As you've found, there's an sync process when you change your password that automatically updates your account login at the FileVault 2 pre-boot login screen. However, if you're OK with having to login twice, there's a way to set the FileVault 2 login process on Mavericks so that you're stopped at the OS login window after logging in at the FileVault 2 login ...


TLDR: I contacted Apple about this problem, and they recommended to reinstall OS X, which seems like a temp fix. Reinstalling OS X should at least allow you to login again. This is great if you have any data that isn't backed up. However, after a subsequent restart, I have experienced this problem again, so it seems like this only a temporary solution. ...

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