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From Apple's Bundle Programming Guide Although bundles and packages are sometimes referred to interchangeably, they actually represent very distinct concepts: A package is any directory that the Finder presents to the user as if it were a single file. A bundle is a directory with a standardized hierarchical structure that holds executable code and ...


A package and a bundle have/have had similar structure. A package is a "file" that is operated on by the OSX Installer. These days packages have been flatten into an xar archives. Packages are also "files" created by some Apple applications, where the file is actually a directory with multiple supporting files. A bundle contains executable code, an ...


The file cannot be removed even by root because it has schg and sappnd flag. Try this: $ sudo chflags 0 file.txt $ sudo rm file.txt The first line clears the flags.


Keynote files are basically zip archives, so you can see the contents of the presentation/archive using the unzip command. As a shortcut instead of unzipping the presentation, you can just listing the archive contents. Using this command will list all the embedded files in order of size: unzip -l MyPresentation.key | sort -n Since you mentioned a ...


You can delete them through FileZilla or similar files manager.


It's a part of the software licensing service, Nalperion Unless you know what app you have that uses it for licensing, then maybe the simplest way to find out would be to kill the Nalperion service from Activity Monitor & wait til one app complains.

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