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I had the same problem, but none of the fixes above helped. This finally did: http://blog.hsoi.com/2014/02/25/my-slow-mac-mavericks-coreservicesd-iconservicesagent-and-how-fs_usage-saved-me/ Some issue with an application (in my case Xcode) and icons. Try this command in Terminal, which reports realtime filesystem activity from the IconServicesAgent: ...


Actually it is simple. While you are looking at magnitude of console logs pick the one you want. While in the Console app window, click on any of logs that interest you (on the left side), then either right click and use "Reveal in Finder", or use shortcut cmd-r. – Buscar웃 5 hours ago


Console.app's logs are stored in the following locations: /var/log /Library/Logs ~/Library/Logs To back up all the logs, simply copy the contents of these three folders to another location. To back up a single log, look in Console.app for the log that you want to back up, select it in the sidebar, then press ⌘R (or right-click and select Reveal in ...


Right click the file and click "Get Info" (or press Cmd+I on the file). Drag the desired icon onto the current icon and it will replace the existing one.

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