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It's just ln -s <source> <destination>.


I know this question is explicitly asking about the Terminal, but if you're in GUI Land and don't want to enter Terminal Land, you can use SymbolicLinker. This puts a "Make Symbolic Link" option in your Services menu in Finder.


I have had the following problem on and off for a while, and here is how I solved it. I believe after researching on this topic for a long time and running a few tests on a couple of machines, that when the Finder is slow to duplicate / move / delete a file has to do with the graphics cars and background tasks which are difficult to troubleshoot. I am not ...


Show a finder window sorted by date modified. Open a File Menu > New Finder window, or Cmd ⌘ N If 'All my Files' isn't the default, View menu > All my Files or Cmd ⌘ Shift ⇧ F Sort as List , View menu, or Cmd ⌘ 2 By default this doesn't show, so Right Click the header bar & check Date Modified Sort by Date Modified, with newest to ...

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