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You could use the command line as well. Install homebrew from https://brew.sh and then simply: brew install libimobiledevice The documentation for the project is quite good - on par or better than Apple's manual pages and the community is quite active on fixes and updates.


Yes - there are open source libraries to do this without needing to jailbreak the device. http://www.libimobiledevice.org/ You might be able to use homebrew to install that package, but I'd guess the http://askubuntu.com people would be better suited to getting the software running now that you know it exists.


Did the trick with changing from USB charging to File transfer work more than once for you guys? For me it worked once but next time I tried to use the same workaoround I could no longer access the file transfer via Android file transfer.


If you don't want to go the command line route, I use the FreeFileSync app routinely to sync 2 TB of data from an external array to a network location without issue. You can control how it handles errors and get a log when its complete.


Please use it for I have made "RapidCopy". "RapidCopy" is the Mac version of fastcopy that is trusted in the windows. copy and checksum is faster than rsync. The disadvantage is that a fee, but it does not hurt as long as it is a large amount of data copy. AppStore ver: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/rapidcopy/id975974524 RapidCopy(Pro)Tech Manual: ...


Have you tried contacting any local stores your phone provider has? It's becoming less common nowadays as basic phones are no longer the norm but back in the day they had a machine they could connect your phone to and transfer information out of it then on to a different phone. Maybe you could call around to local stores and see if any of them still have ...

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