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Aside of using the Target Disk mode, which is sort of rough way, you can use the build in Migration Assistant already located in your Utility folder. It is designed to transfer information from- to but also to place it in the right position, unlike the Target disk mode.


Fastest is probably Target Disk Mode. With the 'donor' machine off, connect both with Firewire or Thunderbolt cables. Boot the 'donor' & hold the T key. You can then treat it like an external hard drive & copy files from one to the other See - Transfer files between two computers using target disk mode - same method for any OS


I fully accept the warnings other people have given here regarding running finder as root... but in a limited scenario it is very useful. The OP had a problem using the: sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/MacOS/Finder I suspect he/she may have also been using something like TotalFinder or XtraFinder If so, then use the options in ...


Save the following as a text file and make it executable. Invoke it from the command line, passing in the paths to folder A and folder B. #!/usr/bin/ruby if ARGV.size != 2 STDERR.print "#Usage: #{$0} source/folder destination/folder\n" exit 1 end a = ARGV[0].chomp("/") b = ARGV[1].chomp("/") old_bases = Hash.new Dir.foreach(b) do |f| next if ...

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