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I believe the proper commands for this are: ACL sudo chmod -RN /Path/to/your/share POSIX (assuming the short name for your local admin account is 'admin' and you want everyone to have read-access, if not change 744 to 740) sudo chown -R admin:wheel /Path/to/your/share sudo chmod -R 744 /Path/to/your/share


Heres where things get a little tricky. Dropbox isn't an app tailored to your needs. It wasn't designed to edit PDF's or files, although, it can view them and that functionality can one day exist, but it's intent as a business is to offer customers a place to store their documents that can be accesabile across all their devices. With Apple, and developing ...


On OSX you should run the mounting command as your own regular user, not root. sshfs user@host:/ ~/sshfs -oauto_cache,reconnect,defer_permissions,noappledouble,negative_vncache,volname=MySSHFSMount


If you want system diagnostics, you can always contact Apple or go to an Apple Store for a free diagnostics. If you are talking about networking usage on your Mac, I found a website with a list. I hope this helps! http://mac.appstorm.net/roundups/internet-roundup/4-ways-to-monitor-bandwidth-usage-on-your-mac/

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