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Did you specify volume name in the afp url? http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4538


I think the DMG probably needs to be served by an OS X AFP service that can do conflict management for when multiple computers try to change the filesystem at the same time. Since you indicated in the comments that each of the computers can mount the DMG individually, but not simultaneously, I bet that your NAS is detecting that the DMG file has been ...


For network sharing you could do following in Terminal. Assuming you have the file sharing enabled. Applications using a file reference to your computer can mount a remote disk automatically, as long as the computer is on the network. A command like netstat -na | grep 548 will list what machine and user is connected by AFP. If you simply type netstat ...


use x-plore app to acces files on time capsule hdd


Split the traffic with different subnets on your router. If your lan is giving addressing in the range and your wifi is giving them in the range everything you connect to on the network with only use ethernet.


There are tools like Marco Polo that can change such settings based on location, but you will need to actually change your location, or have some other automated way to trigger this change. While there are some sophisticated servers and network hardware that can access multiple TCP/IP connections, and route different classes of network traffic to different ...

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