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When your freind has a mac or iOS device with airdrop, you can send it to him without any wires. On your macbook you can use the share-button (square with arrow in it) to share the file. There should be numerious ways to share a video. I think it is notossible to import a video directly to someones icloud unless it is enabled on your mac.


Are you using Windows 7/8 or XP? I know that when I at home switched from XP to Window 7, I needed to change the windows workgroup settings... It sounds like you don't have the proper workgroup assigned.


This is very late, but I saw it because I googled the same issue. The problem seems to be that your system still thinks that the directory is mounted by the sshfs connection. What I did to solve the problem is use the following command in the Terminal umount -f /path/to/the/vanishing/directory. Once you do that, your directory should be freed, and then you ...

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