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I don't think you should go through the hassle of splitting your file. I'll go ahead and quote my own answer from a previous post: P2P transfer using torrent. In your situation, here are the benefits: At least as fast as other internet transfers: your upload speed will determine the transfer speed No need to wait for an initial upload to start the ...


Rather than going to the effort of splitting it then re-combining at the other end... There are dozens of file-sending sites - I mean direct user-to-user not 'dodgy stuff off the interwebz'. I've used https://www.wetransfer.com before now, but Google has a whole lot more options under 'send large files free'


What I'd do is just split the video in half using iMovie or Final Cut Pro X, then export the project and then send it. Just have your recipient put both halves back together again using iMovie or FCPX.

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