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There is a setting in the facebook app you can disable to oeverride contact names.


When you are blocking URL in iOS you only block them for Safari and applications using an in-app browser. So you won't be able to block Facebook that way.


This is a known behavior with the iOS photos app. When you try to share the image, It always uses the original version of the picture which means without the crop or the iOS camera filters. Solutions to cropping the photo on iOS Crop the picture using a third-party app and export the image to the photos app Crop the picture and take a screenshot of the ...


When I still had the profile pics (or, rather, the one that I wasn't able to delete from the Setup app) visible in the Facebook app, I noticed that there was a link at the bottom of the screen called 'Login Settings' or something along those lines. Tapping that brought up a dialogue that lists the accounts that are set for instant login, so I was able to ...


Try deleting the app and reinstalling the latest version from the app store.


If you want to click FB links use the web version (at least until FB improves its design.)


Go to account settings in Facebook (web) -> general -> email Untick "use your Facebook email" You may need to then re sync your Facebook contacts. Hey presto... It's sorted!!


You can try to delete the Facebook app completely by holding your finger on the app icon until it shakes, then click on the small x in the corner of the Facebook app icon. Then redownload the Facebook app from the app store. If that doesn't help then you'll have to wait until Facebook releases an update. I've seen mine lock up, but not to the extent that ...

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