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Or you have to delete the app, install it again and sign in with your Facebook Account.


You need to change the Facebook login in the app itself. There should be Settings somewhere within the game, and the option to "Log Out" of Facebook. Once you have logged out, you will need to link it to your 2nd Facebook account by logging into it - again - within the app itself.


Go to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management. Delete any profiles you don't remember installing, then restart your iPad. Next, update it to the latest version of iOS (9.3.2), this should remove the Jailbreak, if there is one, as that version cannot be Jailbroken. As for what caused it to send spam to your contacts: If the iPad had malware, ...


There's actually a free service specifically for this kind of thing, it's called If This Then That ( You can configure all different types of cloud and other services with it, and then use pre-configured "recipes" or create our own. You can create all kinds of cool automated actions with it that will save you lots of time. I personally have it ...

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