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If I understand correctly, you want to backup your iOS devices to a drive other than your Mac's (because they have small SSDs). It is possible to backup multiple Macs to a single Time Capsule. Sadly though, it seems that Time Capsule doesn't support backing up iOS devices (yet. I really do hope this becomes an option soon, and I'm not the only one). Here ...


The problem will lie with the dock disk-controllers and the method they use when translating the hard disk layout. I recently serviced an HP NX7400 laptop and the BIOS has two different modes for dealing hard disk translation - LBA Assist and Bit-shift. Both work, but if a drive is formatted using one method it will not be recognised if the other option is ...


This should do the trick: In Terminal: diskutil eraseDisk MS-DOS <newname> <diskID> where is the new name for the disk and is the disk identifier (you can find this by getting the disk info from Finder or Disk Utility, or by typing "diskutil list" into Terminal).

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