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Based on the answers you've given in the comments. The device doesn't show in Disk Utility It doesn't show in System Information under USB It works in other computers Other USB sticks work in this computer – Changing USB ports makes no difference The device is getting warm – It also doesn't work in another OS X system I would suggest that there is an ...


If you cd- change directory to the mounted filesystem then you must cd out of the filesystem before you can eject it. As an example cd; diskutil eject /Volumes/<volume name> cd: changes the current working directory to your home folder diskutil: ejects the filesystem


Using boot camp or virtualization software (e.g., Parallels) works fine with the MacBook Pro systems, though it is important to avoid skimping on the hard drive space, which is the case here. These days, one would want 512 GB as a minimum, though preferably 1 TB. Instead of installing Windows on the external hard drive, continue with the existing 64 GB boot ...


Yes. Some applications won't allow you to install them on drives that don't contain an OS X installation, however there are often ways to do it manually post-installation if that is the configuration you wish. Some applications will indeed do some writing to the internal SSD, since presumably that's where OS X is installed. The Library folders for example ...


I have a USB/eSATA 3 4-bay hard drive enclosure hooked up to my Mac mini (late 2012) via the Kanex KTU10 Thunderbolt to eSATA + USB 3.0 Adapter. It's currently connected to the eSATA port on the enclosure, but the KTU10 supports USB 3 as well. It's been hooked up since mid-March and I have had no problems with it.


Some advice. I always back up my photos separately from Time Machine. You can save your images in a separate folder on the Time Machine drive and Time Machine will not overwrite them (used to do this with Apertures backup vault). Also, depending on the space on your Time Machine drive, you could use time machine to backup your external Photos drive as as ...


I recommend that you get a third drive (2-4 times the size of your non-Time Machine volumes). Your current Time Machine configuration doesn't really allow you to keep a snapshot of the backup dated 2015.06.11 (~900 GB) because none of your drives have enough free space to store it. After installing a 3rd external drive (with at least 2TB, the more, the ...

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