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Yes: This is totally possible and you should not have any problems at all. You should consider though, that every Mac has a minimum and a maximum OS X Version which is officially supported.


You won't be able to run Repair Disk on a Windows NTFS filesystem, and NTFS volumes cannot be indexed by Spotlight unless Paragon NTFS or Tuxera NTFS have been installed because Spotlight needs to write its index files to the volume. I suggest you move these movie files to an HFS+ volume, either to the local HD, or to an external HD formatted with HFS+. You ...


Easiest way I think is to use the built in iTunes setting for choosing a library location. First make a copy of your library on your external drive Then change the settings in iTunes to reflect the new location Profit Apple also has support documents available to describe the required steps in more detail, both for Mac and Windows.


Yes. Reformat and partition the HD. When you unplugged the drive, you severely damaged the directory information on the 'My Passport' partition, rendering it unusable. If there is nothing of value on the drive, this is your best bet. In addition, make sure to reformat with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) selected.

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