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The storage mechanism where each backup is a full backup is what takes so incredibly long to verify a Time Machine drive. The multi-linked directories is precisely why Time Machine makes the check so slow and precisely why each backup doesn't save two copies of the same file. You can benchmark this by timing your Mac and see how long it takes to verify the ...


This is is how I have iTunes set up. Just go to iTunes->Preferences->Advanced and change the iTunes Media Folder location to the external disk. The iTunes library file will remain in ~/Music/iTunes and so you ca browse the titles and other metadata, The one thing that I have found you need to be careful of is if the external disk is not mounted then don't ...


Yes. Dropbox uses the modification dates of files (among other items) to determine the most recent version. Once you restore your drive and enable Dropbox, it should replace your local files with more recent versions it has available.

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