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I had the same problem in a Office365 domain. The solution was to let the owner of the calendar change the color in her own iCal. Then this color will change in other users iCal also.


Apple recommends backing up your HD as they "can't guarantee the integrity of the data on hard drive." Or words to that effect. Theoretically you can do what you have proposed. You may have boot issues, EG the Mac the SSD is swapped into may not boot but that is unlikely to damage either the Mac or the drive, so if you have the Mac and the time, go for it. ...


Actually, the Accounts tab of Mail preferences has no hint of "Subscriptions" or delegation, and the gear icon at the bottom of the left pane in the GUI is now missing under Yosemite and El Capitan. The referral to the Account Info window under Yosemite in the link above is erroneous under 10.10.5.

1 uses the user component of your e-mail address as the Exchange username by default. To get through the configuration you can try entering an invalid e-mail address that consists of your valid username and domain, e.g. <exchange_username>@<domain>. You can then fix your e-mail address manually by editing two fields in ...

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