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check this out how to change settings for showing send item in our-own name


Do you use VPN ? If so exit and try with your local access: As soon as you change the VPN away from your local coordinates (to another country normally) the modern email provider will consider this a hacker connect and will either ask your password or does not connect at all.


Found this out today. When that dialog pops up about the username/password being incorrect, press try again, and put a slash before the domain and after the domain and then the user name. there is some kind of bug with the keychain saving the password. try that and see if that works. "\domain\username"


You can usually resolve this sort of issue by contacting Apple support and getting a debug profile/build to load onto one device and track down the iOS errors and correlate them with the exchange server logs. Alternate methods would include using Xcode to look at the logs on the iOS device if you are lucky enough to have relevant logs in the main log. My ...

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