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After many attempts, the only way I could install these applications has been through a manual copy from the command line: sudo hdiutil attach ./SourceTree_2.0.5.2.dmg sudo cp -r /Volumes/SourceTree/SourceTree.app /Applications/


i am having the same problem as well. i have now figured out that it is because of a software update/adobe flash player being opened incorrectly. have you ever heard of putlocker or have you watched anything on an illegal website-this tends to open ads which give you cookies which lead to the opening of software that you don't need and especially don't want. ...


Launch iTunes, connect the device and uncheck Sync Music, Sync Movies, Sync TV Shows, and Sync Podcasts” in iTunes. Click Sync. This will remove all media from the device but keep it in iTunes. Disconnect the device from the computer. Switch off the iOS device by holding down the Sleep/Wake button and using the Slide to Power Off button. Hold down the ...


The location of error_log is defined in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf. Run grep '^ErrorLog' /etc/apache2/httpd.conf to see the definition.


So, as noted in the update, Safari does actually warn you -- once. If you decide to proceed anyway, then for the remainder of that browser session, you need to remember that you're talking to a potentially compromised server, because you will see no evidence of that except by examining the certificate (by clicking on the https/padlock icon). However, ...


I found a solution to the captive portal problem with 10.10.2... Connect to the internet via iPhone and USB cable. Now also connect to the wifi network with the captive portal. Change the default route to use the wifi. Now the laptop uses the phone for DNS requests, but routes other traffic via the wifi interface. Authenticate on the captive portal page. ...


Go to: /Library/Printers/ Delete the EPSON folder. Add the printer from System Preferences. This will involve your computer updating all the drivers from Apple and will take some time.

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