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Run disk utility and select your hard drive, then repair permissions. While you can do this with apps running it would probably run more smoothly and quickly if you quit out of all open apps before doing this. If repair permissions fails for whatever reason start the Mac in recovery mode (COMMAND-R upon reboot) and then go into disk utility and repair the ...


In my case, I got this error, when I moved only eclipse shortcut to application folder. I solved this by moving whole eclipse folder(not the eclipse shortcut/eclipse executable) to application.


Exclude from Spotlight Others reporting this problem suggest external storage may be the cause; a USB stick, network drive, or NAS. If you have any external storage connected to your Mac, try adding it to the Spotlight Privacy list: System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy > + Button mdworker is a helper process for Spotlight on OS X. Sources ...


I solved this problem by opening Disk Utility and selecting "Repair Disk Permissions" in OS X 10.9. I had used chown to change permissions and messed up my preference pane apparently.

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