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I have had the same issue with an app today (Nov 12 '15) on El Capitan and it was caused by an App Store certificate issue. See more details here. In my case deleting and redownloading the app helped (but strangely I had to repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times...).


TLDR: Was able to get it to work after trying many times. This error appears to be a truncated version of the "Can't download the software because of a network problem" error. On previous versions of Boot Camp it was possible to defer the Support Software download until after Windows was installed. This is no longer possible with Boot Camp 6. It appears ...


I had this problem before as well & I need to admit, I just formatted the drive - which is probably the easiest way. If you don't really need any of the old backups, maybe consider this again. Alternatively you could try to run the Disk Utility App and try to repair your Backup Drive!


Try installing those bugged apps direct from the App Store, as opposed to relying on the backup package. Use the backup to get your own content (photos, messages, etc), and ignore the apps. Download them fresh from the app store.

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