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This is a known problem on iPhone 5 batteries. You can check if your iPhone 5 is eligible to the replacement program at this adress : https://www.apple.com/support/iphone5-battery/other_countries.html


Solved. Deleted the file desktoppicture.db located in user/library/applicationsupport/dock. Then re-started. This restored the default wallpaper. Even though my previous wallpaper displayed without issue, it apparently caused a problem for the Desktop & Screen Saver Prefs. I checked the jpg and it wasn't corrupt. If I pick another image for my ...


This is the device trying to connect to the Apple updating server, but due to a network reason at your end, you are being prompted for your password, either for your network, proxy, or other reason. This is not asking for your Apple ID but rather whatever network connection authentication details you usually use to connect to your network.


Signing in in my iPhone and enable iCloud Keychain did the trick to me. So I restored the keychain in my iPhone and then the keychain switch in my Mac changed to off state as magic


Disabling iCloud keychain in on all devices did the trick for me. I had an old iPad who still was enabled. Now I can disable the Keychain.


Bad news? Your GPU is faulty. Good news? Apple launched a repair program to fix MacBook Pro machines sold between February 2011 and February 2013 that have problems with distorted video, no video, or unexpected system restarts. (taken from macrumors.com)


After many attempts, the only way I could install these applications has been through a manual copy from the command line: sudo hdiutil attach ./SourceTree_2.0.5.2.dmg sudo cp -r /Volumes/SourceTree/SourceTree.app /Applications/


i am having the same problem as well. i have now figured out that it is because of a software update/adobe flash player being opened incorrectly. have you ever heard of putlocker or have you watched anything on an illegal website-this tends to open ads which give you cookies which lead to the opening of software that you don't need and especially don't want. ...

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