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Run the following, then log out and back in defaults write com.apple.CrashReporter DialogType none


my friend is having the same problem with league of legends. It helped when he reinstalled it.


Verify that your iMac can run the older version of Mac OS X. You can see what versions can be run by searching for your specific model of iMac at EveryMac Sometimes I have seen that even if a Mac was shipped with an older version of Mac OS it is difficult to downgrade due to firmware upgrades that make the system incompatible with older releases. I haven't ...


In my opinion some more infos would be great to help you: What do you mean with "Mavericks Developer installed already"? Does it mean it is a beta Mavericks installation only available for developers? Or do you mean XCode is installed? Why do you want to downgrade to 10.7? "and other things don't work": what is not working? I do not see the connection. Why ...

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