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When modifications are made to the running-process known as the Finder, it is necessary to terminate and restart the Finder for those changes to take effect. If you were to select "Finder" in the "Force Quit Applications" pop-up from under the Apple menu you would see the button says "Relaunch" as opposed to "Force Quit." "Killall" is a command line ...


Problem solved. Keyboard The Right Shift button is stuck as there is dust. Error code Basically, there is an issue when my Mac is starting up -- one of the CPUs (in this case, CPU 1) is not working correctly.


Reinstalling Eclipse solved the problem for me.


Here's how I got it to work... Downloaded and extracted the wordgrinder-0.5.1.tar.bz2 file from http://sourceforge.net/projects/wordgrinder/files/wordgrinder/ Used brew to install lua: brew install lua Used brew to install ncurses from homebrew-dupes: brew install homebrew/dupes/ncurses Made the following modifications to the Makefile. You can download the ...


There are multiple things that could cause this issue. For the first one, the notorious, but (sometimes) helpful chown. If you have run terminal, and used chown to attempt to fix a system error, such as sudo not running due to it not being 'run as root' on an administrator account, you may have royally screwed over your PC. Yea, I did that exact thing once. ...


Long term, the way to fix this is to opt in to sharing your logs and crashes with Apple and reporting this as a bug at http://bugreport.apple.com Short term, you can choose a different network (probably a bad option) or suppress IPv6 (also probably bad long term) or try and disable the error logging entirely (probably bad). 4k lines of error messages isn't ...


Check your profile files (~/.profile, ~/.bash_profile, etc) to see what is being run when you launch your shell and remove references to zsh. To see exactly what is being executed when you launch your shell, execute your shell with the -x option. Also make sure your Terminal shell is set correctly in Preferences.

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