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PATH in Yosemite can and should be set within /etc/paths file. Just add your path to the end of this file: /usr/bin /bin /your/custom/path /etc/environment script in original post provides support for PATH variable in GUI applications (tested with Emacs).


If you really want to use the mentioned environment variables in Save dialogs, you could set up expansion short cuts with a tool like TextExpander or Keyboard Maestro which can expand environment variables to typed text and then use the "Go to Folder" feature (short cut Apple-G) (which is available in Save dialogs) to type the locations from the expanded ...


You can use /etc/environment on OSX Yosemite, but you need to set up the daemons slurping the file into the environment at start up yourself. See this stackoverflow answer for helpful and rather extensive details. Warning: In order to go with the answer above, your /etc/environment needs to look different to yours. Be aware of this.

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