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You can remove yourself from being able to unlock the disk: sudo fdesetup remove -user username


It looks like probably not, based on a few search results :( http://macs.about.com/od/LionTipsNtricks/ss/Filevault-2-Using-Disk-Encryption-With-Os-X-Lion.htm says: FileVault 2 [...] only encrypts the startup drive. If you have additional drives or partitions, including a Windows partition created with Boot Camp, they will remain unencrypted. This ...


It is possible to do this using hdiutil and openssl. The essence of the solution is to use the -certificate option of hdiutil. This field expects a DER formatted certificate that will be used during the encryption. The certificate can be used later to decrypt the volume via the -recover option of hdutil. 10 year duration is used on the certificates ...

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