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When you attach a folder to a email in Mail, even thought it looks like an individual folder in the email, both in the composed email and then the sent email, nonetheless the contents of the folder when sent, is zipped into a single .zip archive that is base64 encoded for transport. It is the .zip file that's received by others and there should not be a ...


Currently this isn't possible with the built-in Mail rule set in Yosemite. As mentioned by user3439894, you have to rely on a third-party utility. Here’s a screenshot from Mail Act-on site. You can build your own rule using the additional third-party rule set e.g. Add CC Recipient. So people we see that you have added them to Cc list.


The problem, I think, is with your mail client. The times in the headers are consistent, that is, the chronological sequence is correct. The issue is that your mail client is not translating the time given in the header into local time for display. This means that an email to you from, say, New Zealand would be shown in your mail client with a time that hasn'...


If cron is sending mail to /var/mail/USERNAME then you should be able to forward those off to your Gmail account using the traditional UNIX method. Create a file called .forward in your home directory (/Users/USERNAME), containing only the Gmail address you want the messages to go to. That is, if your Gmail address were, you'd create the ...

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