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No. tell application "System Events" tell dock preferences properties end tell end tell This is everything supported natively: {minimize effect:genie, magnification size:1.0, dock size:0.321428567171, autohide:false, animate:true, magnification:false, screen edge:bottom, class:dock preferences object} Plus, as purely a philosophical ...


Try to delete the icon cache: rm /var/folders/*/*/*/com.apple.dock.iconcache;killall Dock


Select URL and drag it to your desktop. Drag the newly created shortcut to your Dock*. Optional: If you want to add a custom image, there are instructions in this Ask Different thread. * In Yosemite, at least, it can only be placed on the right pane of the Dock.


DockStar solved the issue for me. It now has an update to support both Mavericks and Yosemite when it comes out. I only tested in on Mavericks though, works great. The great thing for me was that I have exactly 4 inboxes, so I can add a badge for all of them.


tell application "System Events" to picture of desktop 1 View all properties: tell application "System Events" to get properties of every desktop


I filed bug #18701500 on this problem with http://bugreporter.apple.com/ My bug was closed by Apple Engineering as a duplicate of bug #16814560, which is still marked as open. Although Apple does not permit public viewing of the bug database—I cannot see the details on the bug that they have closed it in favor of—and thus you cannot verify my statements, ...

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