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The view mode of your downloads folder on the dock probably changed. Secondary-click (right-click / ctrl-click) the icon, then under the "Display contents as" section, click "Fan". Also, on top of the list, be sure that "Date added" is checked under "Sort by".


I'm guessing you have what's known in Unix as a zombie process. Unlike the less friendly dead people, zombies in your computer won't eat your brains, and they also won't do much of anything else. They don't take up any resources. It's basically just going to sit there until you reboot, or you lop its head off. OS X doesn't seem to tend its fences when it ...


January 22, 2016: I had similar problem (intermittent monitor and hard disk disconnects) and called the OWC HelpDesk. The OWC technician said that problem was with the Mac Thunderbolt driver, not the Dock, and the solution is to reset PRAM/NVRAM: Since PRAM/NVRAM reset, the intermittent screen and disk resets have ...

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