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I finally found !! You need to buy dp1.2 to hdmi2.0 (4k support) active converter like below. http://www.kwshop.co.kr/detail_view2.html?Cat=11&cate=306&stockno=15594 ($30) Older macbook air support only 1.1 so you can't use 4k but by this converter (+hdmi cable) you can use QHD 2560*1440 monitor that has hdmi port.


I've got a non-pro Aluminium unibody Macbook (2008), the first one with mini display port. It's 6.5 years old, and I've been using external display for 4 years. I unplug it once a week only, and its failing for more than a year, maybe 2 years: it is getting loosy day after day, showing artifacts or non working. You need to move the cable to get it working ...


I would not really be worried about the durability of the sockets. Both should be durable. However, I suggest you to use Thunderbolt as I guess you have 2 of them on you MacBook pro ;)


To correct the resolution, open the Display panel in System Preferences, connect your monitor if not already connected, and look for the Display preference window on the projector. Click on "Scaled" instead of "Best for display". Then hold the Option (⌥) key while clicking again on "Scaled" and you will see a list of resolutions to choose from. You can ...


System Preferences builds a preferred list for your audio outputs and inputs based on which ones you pick over others. To work around this you will need to manually select the audio output you would rather use once when the undesired one is available and again when it isn't. This method will work in most (but not all) cases.


Any Mac that supports DP 1.2 technically supports daisy chaining. However, OS X does not yet support it. If you boot Windows on your Mac you will be able to daisy chain.


Yes, that looks correct. If you want some other examples, then take a look at the newegg site.

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