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A screen is manufactured at x pixels * y pixels, probably measured in microns or nanometres, which will give a final measurement for x * pixels and y * pixels in millimetres. Pythagoras figured out that the diagonal measurement of a right-angled triangle [the hypotenuse] is the square root of the sum of the squares of the other two sides…. again this would ...


According to MacTracker.app: Display Connection 1 - HDMI port or Thunderbolt digital video output Display Support Supports an HDMI-compatible device while using one Thunderbolt display or support for two Thunderbolt displays Display Modes Dual display extended, video mirroring, and AirPlay Mirroring External Resolution Up to 2560 by 1600 ...


Have you tried resetting the SMC? Shutdown your Mac Connect the power cable Press and hold the LEFT Alt + Ctrl + Shift keys While still holding the keys above, press the power button Besides that, could you check what color profiles you have installed and report back? Removing faulty profiles and rebooting might help solve your issue as well. ...


This is a bit of guesswork, as I don't have a dual GPU machine to test with - but this works across even different computers using the same screen. The difficulty may be in persuading the system to swap profiles at the same time as it swaps GPUs. The way to do this accurately would be with a hardware colorimeter, designed to test & balance the screen, ...


Finally someone who realized a free app to disable monitors: DisableMonitor (on GitHub)


To me that looks like possible hardware problem (the GPU). You can try the Safe mode to see if the problem persist. Also you can try and log in as different user. You can reset the PRAM, and run the Apple Hardware test. Last not least you can reinstall the OS. All above will test for software problems. There is one hardware test you can do and it is to ...


Bad news, your GPU is shot. Good news- you might be eligible for a free repair by Apple.


Try System Prefs > Mission Control > Displays have separate spaces.

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