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Your main volume is encrypted with FileVault and still locked – consequently it doesn't show up in /Volumes. Before being able to mount it you'd have to unlock it: diskutil cs unlockVolume lvUUID #replace lvUUID by the one shown in the diskutil listing You will then be asked to enter the passphrase/password. You have to enter a passphrase or a password of ...


Probably the upgrade to El Capitan and the conversion of your main OS X volume (disk0s2) to a CoreStorage volume (disk0s2 & disk1) wreak havoc with the GUID partition table entry of your Boot Camp partition. You partition table should look similar to this one: ... 325312736 1269536 3 GPT part - 426F6F74-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC 326582272 ...


Try to return everything back: diskutil resizevolume disk0s2 R and then: diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 480G jhfsx InstallOSX 10G Resizing a volume that is currently set as the computer’s startup disk will invalidate that setting; use the Startup Disk System Preferences panel or bless (8) to reset the resized volume as the startup disk.


You show in your posted image that the partition is encrypted. I was unaware a partition could be encrypted without using core storage. Anyway, I believe the correct command to fix your drive is given below. sudo diskutil resizevolume /dev/disk0s2 R The command should move /dev/disk0s3 to the bottom of disk0 while resizing /dev/disk0s2 to maximum ...

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