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Yes. Reformat and partition the HD. When you unplugged the drive, you severely damaged the directory information on the 'My Passport' partition, rendering it unusable. If there is nothing of value on the drive, this is your best bet. In addition, make sure to reformat with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) selected.


When it's telling you to review your account I think it's just telling you to go into the Apple account settings and confirm some of your account details. Probably just wants you to enter the three digital code from the back of your card, or something like that to confirm the payment details.


You should try to create a bootable USB stick with some kind of recovery LiveCD (Ubuntu, BackTrack, ...) I recommend using Ubuntu because it is the easiest to create. There is a little tutorial on Ubuntu's website: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx (If you Have trouble be sure to ask a question on AskUbuntu) After you ...


The problem is that the system goes into a fail-safe mode when the directory structure cannot be presumed to be safe for a new write. You did the correct triage step by booting into recovery mode and attempting to repair the volume with Disk Utility. At this point, you should back up any files you need. Test that your backup is complete and run Disk ...

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