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It is very common to create such text interface application using the ncurses library. You can use ncurses from Swift programs by importing it: import Darwin.ncurses Then you can follow ordinary ncurses tutorials to get a grasp on how to build up user interfaces using ncurses. In particular, you'll probably find the following tutorial helpful. It is on ...


NOTE: For those coming from Google, this change has no effect on later MacOS/Eclipse versions of El Capitan and Mars, respectively. See this related question: Yosemite: How do increase font size of Eclipse globally?


Is Xcode installed in the normal location? (i.e. in /Applications?) What do you get back from, $ xcode-select --print-path Can you see gcc at the following location, $ ls -l /Applications/ -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 18560 16 Mar 00:31 /Applications/ If the path from xcode-...

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