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Keystok for iOS An elegant developer tool to manage all your iOS app configs. Helps manage API keys and other secrets in your source code at a central place. PS: I am part of the Keystok team.


No. whited00r uses a heavily customized version of iOS 3.1.3 and 4.2.1. They've tweaked the OS to look like iOS 7 and provide similar functionality. They cannot backport Apple's proprietary and copyrighted iOS 7 APIs to older devices. Additionally, the latest version of Xcode requires ARMv7 devices, which does not include any of the devices supported by ...


I use VMWare Fusion Professional for software testing. Virtual machines make regression testing and replay of problems wonderfully easy. I run a copy of VMWare Fusion on my older Mac Pro and it performs well. The professional edition allows for linked virtual machines – linked machines can share common content to save on disk space. Machines can quickly ...


It is possible to run mutliple Virtual Machines on a Mac - i7 Macs with geq 16GB of RAM should be okey. If your Application does not need to much resources. I think there are better Solutions - for Example a Beta Version ... I don't know what Application you would like to test, and how large the usernumber is. Also interesting is: you can run on a VMware a ...


CVSNT runs on Mac OS X 10.9, and supports HQX encoding of resources etc. Beta for 10.9 is available here: http://march-hare.com/cvspro/#downcvsnt If you previously used Mac CVS X then this (CVSNT) is the 'command line' that was previously included.


Xcode 6 currently requires an active iOS or Mac Developer Program membership, available from developer.apple.com/programs, as Xcode 6 and Swift is not publicly available yet. Once Xcode 6 is out of beta / prerelease anyone should be able to download it from the MAS, but that is speculation based on past experience and not something Apple has announced.


No. Source: This Stack Overflow answer. Makes sense. Apple hardly allows apps to modify system-level stuff. It's easy to guess that the heavy sandboxing also means they cannot touch something as crucial as system time. Many things depend on the system time and even if Apple allowed apps to do that, it would take a lot of effort to make sure it worked ...

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