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Though I was really looking for a way to copy from say TextMate into an email and preserve highlighting... Since there are no answers, I found this answer as a decent workaround somewhere so I thought I'd share: Head to an online syntax highlighting tool like tohtml.com and then copy and paste the text into your email Fairly quick and easy to use :)


You can do it as: Window > Preferences > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > Basic > Text Font > Edit > [SET SETTINGS] > OK For reference, screen shots: Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four Step Five Step Six


It would probably work ok to mix the two, but to be safe I'd just put homebrew in a different directory. You might run into conflicting files, perhaps in some supporting library. I don't know what's special about your mysql build, but i'm sure homebrew has options to build different flavors. do "brew options mysql" to see what is available, perhaps it has ...


As a user I would hope that you have run the app on the IOS device that Iuse. Thus iff you say it runs on an iPad you have run it on an iPad, if I have an IPhone you have run it on an iPhone etc. If I have a problem I expect you to be able to reproduce it on the hardware I have or be able to say that you see no problem on the hardware. No simulator is ...

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