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I believe there would be a time frame to which the data would be able to be retained given some simple knowledge of server configurations. You could think of the iCloud server as a series of hard drives all connected together and connected to the Internet. Some of the hard drive are used for saving your information and your iCloud account allows you to ...


Only the people that wrote the code that makes up iCloud will know for sure. If you trust the company, then no, they won't retain it, not knowingly at least.


There are a few different things to check: Verify if there is an iCloud backup of the phone by going to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage. Here you will see a section titled "Backups" which will show you if there was an iPhone backup. Try signing into iCloud on the new phone to see if there is any chance the photos are actually on your ...


There are a lot of situations in which your phone, while connected via WiFi, might need to make a cellular connection. This would include normal communication with a cell tower, incoming calls, Visual Voicemail, or depending on your WiFi signal and performance, additional data from apps. Once you have reset your cellular data usage statistics, re-run the ...


Yes, it is possible to re-enable secure erase. All you need to do is to format the partition once again. Just make sure you select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)", with any password that you will remember (just in case). Once formatted, the "Security Options" button will be available again, and you can securely wipe out the partition!

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