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Just download Clash of Clans to your iPad and make sure you are logged on the same account in Game Center as on your iPod. Start the game on iPad. It will automatically ask you if you want to load the previous game progress.


One option would be to used your other Macbook Pro to create a Linux boot CD or USB drive, then boot your Macbook from that. By default Ubuntu has read access to HFS+ formatted drives so that should allow you to read your files. Assuming the drive responds. Some resources: How to burn a DVD on OS X How to create a bootable USB stick on OS X How do I boot ...


Titan Downloader (Video Download & Player - Titan Downloader) (app store app) lets you use browser inside the app & when you click on a video, you can save it to cache on the app & when you click on the videos tab you can save the video to camera roll or just keep it in the app, your choice. I personally bought the pro because it is worth it in ...


The best practice in storing app credentials is the Keychain. If you really need to recover the password check out this guide http://www.iphonehacks.com/2013/08/transfer-passwords-to-new-iphone-itunes-backup.html In iTunes, go to the “Summary” section, scroll to Backups, and enable the “Encrypt iPhone backup” option. After recovery, feel free to wipe ...

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