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I had the same problem. I restarted the phone, cancelled the pending downloads and then started the downloads again and it seems to be working. Feel like I'm working with a Microsoft product :(


I have found a simple and easy solution to this problem. The FonePaw iOS Transfer software is a helpful tool which can solve your problem about how to transfer iPhone photos to computer. It can help you easily transfer Music, Photos, Videos, Contacts, SMS, etc. from your iOS device to computer or iTunes.


Have you checked the app data usage under Mobile Data? That would indicate what apps are using the most data on your cellular connection. By process of elimination, you can uninstall the apps that use the most data on mobile and see if that affects the data use on Wi-Fi. It's a tedious, annoying solution, but it's the best method I can think of. Do you ...


First delete all your apps except the ones you can't then download the ones you want.

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