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Rebooting the MacOS device is the only thing that works with any reliability.


In earlier iOS versions there used to be a sync button in the upper-left corner of Contacts app, now it seems to be gone (though some claim it can reappear under certain circumstances). There also used to be a way to force sync by pulling down in the Contacts app -> Groups view, but it doesn't work for me (and others) in iOS 9.1 either. This ...


I just restarted my iTunes and it fixed the issue.


There are multiple places in which your AppleID can be used on a given device: iMessages, FaceTime, iCloud, App Store, etc. It sounds like what is going on is that the iPad is still logged into your AppleID for iMessages, but perhaps not for other items. Perhaps the easiest way to handle this is to change your AppleID password. You can do this on Apple's ...


You are right to be cautious. The erase and sync dialogue does not tell you which specific pieces of information will be erased. You will want to tab through each of the places where iTunes allows you to choose synchronization and make sure that photos are not checked. With that one item, you should be safe from having your photos erased, but making a back ...

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