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They can't as all 3rd-party apps on a non-jailbroken iOS device are limited by the sandbox, both installed from the App Store and from ad-hoc/enterprise distribution. Either they are using public APIs to access data 'the iOS way' (structured and anticipated) such as accessing the Camera Roll to import/save photos, or are integrated with an app to share data ...


The circle means the song exists on the device but does not exist in your current iTunes library. You need to either import them again from CD into your library or transfer them from your device.


By default apps are copied to iTunes from the phone when syncing. By default apps are copied from iTunes to the phone when syncing. This can be annoying - personally it's my kids who put a thousand irritating games on their phone, but I can see that a husband would be just as bad. Connect your phones to iTunes. Find them in the left-side menu, or drop-down. ...

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