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I got a hint that works from this page At the right side bar, make it thumb-nail view, and select all pages. (command-A) Select the area with select tool. Do the crop (Command-K)


But of course Preview! To resize: Choose Tools > Adjust Size, then enter the size you want to change the image to, then click OK To crop: Click the "Select", then click and drag to select the area of the image that you want to retain. Next, choose Tools > Crop or press Command-K. If you crop too much, you can press Command-Z or choose Edit > Undo to undo ...


Here is a way to achieve what you want with ImageMagick. Hopefully you’re comfortable using Terminal (and also use Homebrew to manage all your packages). Either way, you must install ImageMagick so you can run convert command line in Terminal. Open the folder you want to batch processing all the images. If your folder name called images is located on ...


About the only thing I know is different is that when the photo is cropped after the shot is taken, it will take up more space than if the camera was zoomed in when taking the picture. Why? Because in iOS, photo editing is non-destructive. The part that was cropped out will always be there, you just can't see it. However, when zoomed in, that part of the ...


If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, this is easily done: File > Print > Advanced > Marks and Bleeds > Trim Marks This may also be possible under Acrobat Reader, if someone would care to test it.


i use Skitch for simple image resizing and cropping. Saves tons of time.

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