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If this happens to you... your disk is probably hosed. Find your backups. (I'm still interested if someone does have a solution, but given the lack of answers I don't think it's likely.)


Basically you have a CoreStorage Logical Volume Group without a CoreStorage Logical Volume now. You may delete your Logical Volume Group (-> step 4) or restore a Logical Volume (-> step 7). Requirements: Booted to Recovery Mode Please quit Disk Utility. Open Utilities/Terminal in the menubar Enter diskutil cs list and hit enter. The output will look like ...


There is no need to delete the CoreStorage Logical Volume Group. Just resize it: Have a backup! Reboot into Internet Recovery Mode (hold Option-Command-R) as the machine is restarting). You'll eventually be presented with a Max OS X Utilities window. In the menu bar along the top of the screen, click Utilities -> Terminal. At the prompt, enter ...

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