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It's a smooth click and upward motion on an icon using your mouse or trackpad to rearrange icons in the Dock. Don't click-and-hold, click and move -- if you click and hold you'll get the option menu overlay for the application. Tried to make a little gyfcat that shows it happening: http://www.gfycat.com/ClearcutUnluckyAndeancondor This irregardless of the ...


One option was to uncheck 'Keep in Dock' (context-click) to remove it, then: open the applications folder to find the program and then: drag it to the new desired place in the dock. Finally recheck Options -> 'Keep in Dock'


My current rep is under 50 because I used a bounty and thus lost comment priveleges (thanks for warning me, Stack;) so I would've preferred this as a comment, but… My own experience (on 10.9) is that the service uses the default search engine selected for the default browser, so right now my own "Search with…" says "Search DuckDuckGo for…" and will open in ...

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