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Disabling them in Settings>General>Spotlight Search>Siri Suggestions. Hard restart of device. (Hold Power and Home buttons until device restarts. NOT DFU RESET) Re-Enable in Settings>...Siri Suggestions


Go to your contacts and where your details are listed at the top, edit and then update your address.


This should be explanative enough. Let me know...


Each device has a local store of contacts. To synchronize things on each device - you can turn off Exchange sync and then see all the contacts that remain are local. When you re-enable exchange sync - copy them one by one or choose to sync them all up to the cloud. Then repeat for each other device. By setting the default place to store new contacts - you ...


I spoke to the representative of a well known MDM solution for iOS today about this topic. He confirmed to me that iOS does not support such a separation of work and private data. In other words, you cannot restrict apps to access only specific contact accounts, it's all or nothing. MDM solutions usually deal with this by offering their own containers (apps) ...

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