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In addition the quotes and slashes, it looks like you are trying to give an absolute path, so remove the tilde: defaults write com.apple.screencapture location '/Users/tommy/Google Drive/Sync/iMac/iMac Screenshots/' Don't forget to run killall SystemUIServer or logout afterwards


There are backs lashes (\) in your path that should probably be forward slashes (/). You also use curly quotes (‘ and ’), which are weird at best. Try using straight quotes ('), although in that case straight double quotes (") should do as well: defaults write com.apple.screencapture location '/Users/tommy/Google Drive/Sync/iMac/iMac Screenshots'


Interesting, I do have the HP LaserJet Professional P1102w as well as a network printer (WiFi) shared between Mac and Windows computers. The Driver version is 2.0 I do not use any of the HP stuff like "hp-toolbox and hp-setup". lpq results in HP_LaserJet_Professional_P1102w is ready no entries The lpr fileName works just fine. In your case ...


Ctrl-[ b jumps back a word. You can also use Esc instead of Ctrl-[, and f to go forward. That is Ctrl+[ release and then b orf. Or Esc and b or f. More information can be found at this other discussion on AskDifferent.


To Get Forward (Alt-f), Backward (Alt-b) and Delete (Alt-d) Word Open iTerm. Go to Bookmarks > Manage Profiles Choose Keyboard Profiles on the left and edit the Global Profile Next to Mapping, click the + sign. For Key, choose hex code. In the text box next to hex code, enter 0x62 for b, 0x64 for d or 0x66 for f. Note that 0x62, 0x64 and 0x66 are ASCII ...

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