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Sounds like a bad battery, to me. Over time, batteries just wear out to the point of not holding a charge or charging very slowly. An iPad is pretty tough to repair, so unless you have some experience in repairing them, I'd seek a pro to replace the battery for you.


"Silviu St" tho a tad snarky is absolutely correct. Apple has not released Schematics for computers since the Apple-II days. Apple uses state of the art PCB manufacturing and I would be willing to bet that taking a soldering iron to it or even a volt meter would be like taking a framers hammer to a dent in your car: likely to do more harm than good. You ...


hold the power button and home button at the same time until the white apple logo appears be patient whenever this happens its a minor glitch in the iOS


Yes, it may be dangerous. Cross wiring may short out your device.


I'm reluctant to touch this one with the limited information provided about the extent of damage, i.e. user assumes all risk. That being said the Magsafe cable provides power from an AC source so it is theoretically possible that if there is serious damage to the cable or adaptor that it could lead to a short circuit or power surge. The lightning cable ...


Yes - lightning carries decent amount of power. Crossed wires could short out a device. MagSafe - worse - more power, less room for error. The only upside there is the MagSafe in side of things is a bit more robust since it handles more power and if you blow the MagSafe on the Mac, it's a relatively inexpensive repair. Fixing the phone connector would be ...


If the computer's working fine, then the electrical event that occurred either didn't damage the computer, or only damaged the charging circuitry. I wouldn't try using the adapter again. If you do, there's a high likelihood that it will trip another circuit breaker/blow a fuse, or it may not do anything at all. I think it's very unlikely in either case that ...


There are a few possible things that could have happened. I've ordered them (and their solutions) below from most to least likely. Explanations: You have a faulty cord. It has become frayed on the inside. One of the metallic connectors is dirty. Dust or dirt has collected in your charging port. Your wall outlet is not functioning correctly. You have a ...


This looks like the best option for changing MBP and MBA at the moment (Aug 2015) https://www.getbatterybox.com/buy


If your computer says it's charging but the battery level percentage is still going down, then you're putting way too much stress on it. It's a rare occasion, but I have seen it happen once or twice. If your battery percentage goes up, no matter how slowly, you should still be okay to use it while charging. EDIT: Sorry, I don't know whether or not a ...

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