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You need to re-install "Apple Mobile Device Support". THis will the charging issue Windows users face.


Figured it out. Opened up the laptop, and a wire was lose right by the fan. That seemed to be the charging issue. Another wire was lose on the other side, may have been audio. Everything works great now! Prob bumped the air a little too harshly.


It doesnt back up everytime you charge it. Wireless syncing just means you dont need the data transfer cable, that you can do it "over the air", so the week old back ups are the legit ones


There is no safety difference whatsoever. The 3 pin grounded cable goes to a 2 pin connector which then plugs into the adapter. This means that the grounding is not even connected so there is absolutely no difference safety-wise. Main reason is for those places where you have to rotate the wall plug to insert, or you need to insert a grounding pin in to ...


Months late on this one - but there is no point in grounding a double-insulated device, such as a power-supply. There is no earth circuitry inside it anyway. If you ever see a similar device with an actual cable leading into it, you'll notice it runs on only 2-core wire. UK adapters always have the 3rd pin, but that is simply because the pin is needed to ...


I had the same problem with iphone 5, But I managed to find the answer: Force restore mode If your iPhone 4 is hanging with an Apple logo, or exhibiting some other software problem that prevents iTunes from recognizing it, you can force it into recovery/restore mode and then use iTunes to restore the software. If the device is powered off, plug one end of ...


I brought iPhone back to Apple Service and the guy cleaned my iPhone at the plug with the needle that you can open the sim card tray. So he cleaned it, and that was lots of dirty coming out. And after all I have to claim connection is much more stable. So you should clean it first.

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