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is your pc/laptop recognize the iphone (after connect to pc)?. try connect usb cable with pressed home key.


How is your backup Situation?, if you've got everything backed up, I recommend that you simply format your Drive and reinstall OS X. if you know how, and have the original Disk. If you don't let me know. -quick pointers- -Insert reinstall CD in your mac. -restart mac holding option. -choose from the two drives the Reins-CD -Boot into it.


The solution was to buy a Cubot X15 Android phone to replace the 3+ year old Samsung Note. It worked with the Mac Mini immediately.


I have zero experience with Android, that said it may be that a driver or such (sync software for Mac?) might be needed for the Mac to 'recognize' the phone


You are nearing the expected cycle count for a battery. According to Apple, your model of MacBook Pro is expected to last for 1000 cycles. You could try swapping the MagSafe charger, but I suspect that the battery is ready to be replaced. Apple Support - Determining battery cycle count


I had the same problem here. Reset the SMC and it fixed problem for ½ a day. Then back to not charging. Although the Macbook Pro indicator did show a charger connected, it just wasn't charging the battery and there was no light (amber or green) on the magsafe power from the Thunderbolt display. Another magsafe external charger gave the same results. ...

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