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Absolutely it is safe. It has been designed for that, it does not have a locked in plug, but a magnetically coupled plug for that reason. I have done that on purpose or by accident (tripping over the cable) many times without problems.


I know Apple's answer - 'our cable works, there is no problem'. IN SUMMARY - you either need to use Apple's own cables or the decent quality PC World versions or Asda or something, that are not really cheap but are two thirds the price of Apple, or half or something. Really cheap clone cables will NOT work. Can't explain it, but know it is fact. My ...


For your first question, fake cable manufacturers are probably aiming for lots of sales, and explicitly stating that it only works up to a certain OS version would turn many people away. (the original cable doesn't have a version limit, so this one seems weird, I'm not buying that) For your second question yes, this adapter has the useless authentication ...

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