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Technically, any Magsafe 1 charger will work. With that said, due to the unique shape of the original MacBook Air, it won't rest flat unless you use the charger that can with it. So you actually don't want any of the chargers shown on that page, you want one like this. Notice the different angle on the charger head. With that said, since Apple doesn't sell ...


The two original magsafe (4-pin) connectors will fit any Magsafe 1; that is, the straight white connector (left), and the L-shaped stainless steel (right). I'm assuming they changed the design for two reasons, one, the white ones didn't match the newer stainless steel design, and two, it sticks out more than the L-shaped version. Magsafe2 uses a 5-pin ...


Not natively no. There are no current Apple devices supporting wireless charging out of the box. There are however adapters for some devices, mostly phones rather than tablets. Not sure how useful a wireless charging adapter would be for an iPad.


I'd save your money & pick something up when you get there, in the airport. All airports carry a supply of foreign > home country adapters, for just such occasions. The Apple kit looks like it has adaptor for UK, US, EU, Australia - which is pretty wide, but not total coverage. There are 15 different IEC plug standards worldwide - some are ...


The adapter shown below, in Apple's World Travel Adapter Kit, will work in India.


Note: this will require soldering, and I'm not 100% sure this will work. First, take a lightning cable, and cut roughly 2 inches off of the cable on the usb male end. Strip the main wire down a bit, and you should probably be left with 4 mini wires. Take the red and black wires, and connect them to the I/O of the solar panel, via soldering. Again, I'm not ...

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