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In a well-designed device, it should never matter. In constant-current mode, the voltage is varied to keep the amperage going into the cell. If you are charging a 11.1 (3S) battery at 2A, for example, the charging circuitry will not send 11.1v to the battery. Instead, it'll start low, like 10v and slowly adjust until the current desired is met. The ...


Your battery will only take as much as it needs. Thus a larger charger will not harm it.


This can happen when the MagSafe cable is failing, generally at the plug end. As the cable strands break down due to mechanical wear, the power being supplied has to be carried by fewer strands. These strands invariably begin to heat up and become oxidized, increasing resistance and therefore generate yet more heat. This is why your MagSafe is getting hot. ...

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