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The above picture should be the correct one to buy. Do ensure that when purchasing on the internet, you purchase the correct one for your country's port (EU in this case) and that it is genuine. (Delta Electronics is the manufacturer for the charger, yes) Source (see under Computers that use the 85W MagSafe 2 Adapter)


I just filed down my new Apple MagSafe power cord on each end and it totally works with my 2012 15" MacBook Pro.. Just found out the edges and I did a few passes over the top were the pins are and pow! It totally works


I found it easiest to make this flowchart myself:


You have to do some basic trouble shooting. You have two components to check: The 12v power port in your car The charger Plug your charger into the power port of a different car with a power port you know to be good. If your charger works, then the problem is related to your car. If it dosen't work, then your charger is at fault. Alternatively, you ...

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