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The USB to 30 Pin dock connector has a 1 to 1 connection for USB. Only 4 of the pins in the 30 Pin dock connector are used in this case. The other pins are not used and often not even populated.


The answer is YES. You can use the higher power Charger on lower power laptops. The battery will only take as much as it can handle. It is a pull not push process. Extra info: If you were to use lower power charger on high power laptop, you could end up newer charging the battery fully, or it could take extended time to charge.


No, they aren't. Here you can find the two type of charger, 5W (iPod and iPhone charger) and 12W (iPad, iPod, iPhone charger) with compatibility list. The length of 30 pin connector is always the same (it is standardised for Apple).

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