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Using keyboard text replacement: Use OS X to create a new note in Notes which can by synched to your iOS device. Using OS X keyboard, type a tab character in a note. From your iOS device, select and copy the tab character, then go to Keyboard → Text replacement → create new phrase. Paste the tab character into it and add another character at the end. You ...


I realise that you probablyuse the command shortcuts for increased speed, but it may be helpful to you (and others) to consider the slightly longer method of holding down a character until the "pop up" choice list appears. For example, holding down c or e on my (British English) system yields: This has the added benefit that the list can be customised ...


The standard US keyboard layout always yields a § if alt6 is pressed. To get your desired results enable the US extended (or ABC Extended in OS X 10.11) keyboard layout: alt6 -> ˆ alt6+e -> ê altc+c -> ç


Go to system preferences/keyboard/input sources and make sure that only the item called "US International PC" is on the list, or the item called "ABC Extended" (known as "US Extended" prior to OS X 10.11). (The standard US layout does not use Option 6 for circumflex, it uses Option i. The US International PC layout uses Shift 6, while ABC Extended uses ...


Get TextExpander. It's an app for osx and ios that let's you type predefined bits of text with text shortcuts. It can create very complicated snippets of text, but for this issue I set it up to type a tab character with my shortcut of "tab.."


Capital Vowels Lowercase Vowels Consonants / Punctuation À A with Accent Grave (ALT + 0192) à A with Accent Grave (ALT + 0224/133) Ç C (Capital) with Cedilla) (ALT + 0199/128) Â A with Accent Circumflex (ALT + 0194) â A with Accent Circumflex (ALT + 0226/131) ç C (Lowercase) with Cedilla (ALT + 0231/135) Ä A with Accent Umlaut (ALT + 0196/142) ä A with ...

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