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An updated answer for Lion and above: You can also type ^ ⌘ <space> to bring up the characters menu, then start typing to search, and search for place of interest, then press enter to start selecting them, then tab to the correct result, then enter again to insert it. Sounds like a lot, but it can really be narrowed down to ^ ⌘ <space> pla ...


Emoji are simply unicode characters that are rendered as such by the operating system. In the following screenshot, you can see that unicode is "allowed" in filenames: In fact, these are even rendered by Finder: To fix this, simply rename the file through Finder or Terminal. This happens because whatever glyph substitution algorithm that they use is ...


There is a simple solution, which is to download Ukelele and then create a new US keyboard from your current (or whatever language you are reading this in), and then modify the dead keys to whatever you want. I made https://github.com/norcalli/undead-us-keyboard as result of this with a keyboard layout already made and installation instructions.

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