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In Yosemite holding down many of the letters a couple of seconds gives a popup window that let's you choose one of various accenting options. For example:


Switch from using the US International PC layout to the US layout. Then Shift + 6 will generate ^.


OK I think I finally understood what you want, and that is not possible. Holding a key will bring up that character accents. But you do not want to pick one you only want to have the pressed key repeat. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa So to do that you need following command in Terminal to enable it. defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false ...


I use character maps heavily and decides to make one which you access from anywhere using a web interface and requires no installation. Features Select your own font file Provides font and character information Character copy-able Supports TTF/OTF Supports Icon fonts Smooth interface No installation necessary No server upload necessary Screenshot


Delta with circumflex has not been coded as a single character (precomposed character), so at the character level the only option is to use the letter delta followed by U+0302 COMBINING CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT, as @TomGewecke suggests. The font issue is tricky. First, there are literally no standard fonts in the sense that some fonts would be available on all ...


You can use Character Viewer to add a combining circumflex (U+0302) to your delta. You may need to experiment with fonts to see what looks best among the ones which are common to most computers. My TextEdit version with Helvetica below:


The problem was that I had plain text turned on, instead of rich text . ( Format-Make Rich text ). I don't know if plain text is the default option or not, but when you have plain text you can't use subscript/superscript single characters, it just applies the transformation to the whole line. Surprisingly, when you subscript something in rich text and then ...

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