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I normally use "SHIFT + ALT + K" to generate a  Symbol. Instead of using a ⌘ Symbol whenever writing anything which requires keystrokes / shortcuts because for most of the time that I have been using apple computers it was called the "apple key" . (and the symbol physically written on the key was a  and not a ⌘ )


This is the simple way on how to do it. Download BetterTouchTool Open the application Select 'keyboard' Click Add New Shortcut Set keyboard shortcut to 'Option+C' Set trigger predefined action to 'Paste predefined text' Copy '⌘' into the box. Click Ok Now whenever BetterTouchTool is open all you have to do is press 'Option+C' and it automatically types ...


Highlight the digit you wish to shrink and elevate. Press cmd+- to resize. In format under the 'font' heading, click the 'settings' icon on the row with bold, italic and underline to find advanced settings. Select the baseline shift option to elevate the digit. A bit clunky, but if you don't need it often it's a simple option.


Q̇ can be made a part of keyboard input using the replace. Then when you type your chosen word it will be replaced with the Q̇. Here is a sample: I have chosen to call it qdot (genius :) You can find another Q̇ on the web and use it (Paste) instead. So now when ever you type "qdot" it will be replaced with your symbol. (works in most applications)

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