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Just select the 'US international keyboard (pc)'. You can then enter accented characters the 'windows way'. So, if you want an é, just press ' and then e an ë is doen with " and e and so on. This is by far the fastest way.


In my jailbroken iPhone4 with iOS 7.1.2 I have installed Persian Keyboard iOS5+ from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. For my native language Farsi, this keyboard has non-breaking space near the Space button. In the image below I have typed the translation of the non-breaking space in Farsi نیم‌فاصله which the correct form is the last line with non-breaking ...


Your option + space combination defaults to a non-breaking space and several options to remove that binding exist. Whether you choose to show invisible characters in your editor to manually proof for these issues or use a lint type tool or change ...


Find one in a web page (even a page you create yourself, inserting  ) and then copy it to the clipboard. Paste it in when needed.


For future reference, you can copy and paste from here: ^ <- Control ⌥ <- Option aka alt ⌘ <- Command


Character count setting in iPhone Settings is only for SMS messages. It doesn't work for apps from other developers. You would need to contact the developer of Texto to determine how to do character counts.


Here's the closest one in the Unicode specification, but there's few fonts that support it as it's a relatively new addition: 'SQUARED KEY' (U+26BF)

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