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UPDATE 2 This may also affect long time mac users that have migrated systems from earlier Mac computers over the years.... There are also G3 and G4 certificates that cause problems. Anybody using Microsoft CRM and O365 online systems may notice that in Chrome (Safari seems to remain working) when logging on to those online portals their initial LOGIN is red ...


Thanks, this seemed the most promising for me.. (Edit: sadly it didn't work for me, but it got me on the right path, so read on... thanks!) I searched the keychain and did indeed find those verisign G5s .... i deleted them but i still had the same problem with the same/similar error messages you mentioned above, even after a browser and entire mac restart ...


The error code means "No such keychain": errSecNoSuchKeychain = -25294, I'm not really sure on how to proceed, but maybe this information points points you in the right direction.


The reason: After installing Security Update 2015-004, multiple users found that they couldn't browse to any website using the root certificate "VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5" without a security warning ("invalid certificate"). 2015-004 updated the list of trusted root CAs, and for a reason I'm still unclear about, many of us ...


I'm really not sure about what you're question is asking, but I stumbled here while trying to solve the same error. The situation I had on my machine was I had a bunch of similarly named keychains in keychain access and the application would default to adding the .pem to a nonexistent keychain. So I solved this by selecting the missing keychains one by one ...


Were able to solve the issue myself. For some reason, there were a few root certificates in my login Keychain, which have been revoked and replaced with newer certs in the System Roots keychain. Deleted those certs from my login keychain and everything works fine again.

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