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I solved my problem. The problem was that the pin on the smartkey was "locked", maybe some one inserted it wrong a couple of time. When I restored the pin with the PUK and then inserted the new pin on the website, it all worked out. For your information the smartkey was the ArubaKey, if someone should have the same problem.


You may renew your Developer account whenever you want. Just keep in mind: All your 'live' apps in the App Store will go offline when your membership expires. When you renew the Developer Account you can bring the apps back to the store again without setting up / needing a review proces. I had the same with a customer of mine, their membership expired for ...


You can reset your login keychain by opening Keychain Access from /Applications/Utilities and in Preferences selecting Reset My Default Keychain. Be aware of the statement shown beside the reset button.


Just to be clear, the reason you are getting this error isn't because of a problem with Java on your Mac. The problem is with a certificate that has been used to sign one or more of the JAR files that make up the TopCoder Java application. The certificate expired on March 25th this year. If you still want to run the application, even though the ...

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