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I'm sorry for it's not possible but you can disabled the app from running. These are the steps to follow: Go to General, Click on Restrictions, Enter your device password, Switch of the App you want to disconnect. I use it to stop Facebook from consuming Data at the background.


You don't have a neat switch to disable system data usage, but you can nip at the edges. First, Game Center can be caused by the GC app as well as by games that make calls to game center on your behalf. I would sign out go Game Center entirely and see if that lowers the requests. You might have to delete the games that call against Game Center also. Then ...


I would look at which Apps are allowed to use Background App Refresh, in Settings > General & also possibly in Settings > iTunes & App Store what is allowed to download over Mobile data. A third possibility is iOS updates themselves, which cannot be prevented; the best workaround for those is to always update on the day of release, through iTunes, ...


I have tested this with my own app and home server (plus my horrid internet at one part of my house). I created an application that sends an HTTP request to the server when you press a button and an application on my server that makes a sound when it receives it and records the IP address. When the app was allowed to use cellular data, it went through ...

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