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No one has answered the OP's question. The goal is to disable cellular data for system services, while selectively allowing cellular data for some apps. Looks like it's not possible.


Providing you do not have usual wifi-routers & purely using USB tethering, having a Google account signed in with your iOS device would help a lot, you may use Google Photos app to sync, back-up & retrieve them from your Windows desktop/laptop Chrome browser's Google Photos as long as you are logged in the same Google account as you've logged in at ...


My father has the same issue he lives in a area where he can't get internet. We have a hack option takes two iPhones or a iPad with Cellular what you do is the phone you want to upload photos off you tether to the iPad or iPhone it will think its on a wifi network and start uploading photos. so take a old iPhone put your sim in it and tether it to the phone ...


Here's some steps you can use to try to fix this. Credit goes here: Confirm cellular data is enabled by going to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Try turning Airplane mode on and off again by going to Settings > Airplane Mode Go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Cellular Data Use, make sure “Don’t Allow Changes” is toggled off, ...


That mechanism is in place to protect customers unaware of the data limits and to conserve the network's bandwidth, this means that everyone gets an equal share of the network. Although what I normally do is USB tether to my Mac then Wi-Fi share the USB connection then connect to that with my iPhone

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