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I found the answer myself and I thought I should put it out there for another hapless (recent iOS) convert drawn like a moth to the flame that is these beautiful yet quite flawed iOS devices, so that they may continue make the most of their devices in good network coverage or poor. So, how do you get an iPad Air 2 LTE (running iOS 8.x) to the ability to use ...


TripMode was made specifically for this purpose, and even turns on automatically when connected to designated cell hotspots.


Yes you can I have an iPhone 5s and I tried it without any data services when I was at my brothers baseball game it does work😃


There are many free and paid services out there that let you send and/or receive SMS messages via your web browser; some of them such as Skebby also have mobile apps available. You'd certainly have to do your research to find out which ones were reputable, though (and I make no such claim either way for Skebby, which I've never used... was just one of the ...


Google Hangouts would do it. You'd have to get a Google account, and a Google Voice number, and then you can send/receive calls and texts with it. If you had an iPhone i think you could also use the iPad to place/receive calls using the iPhone cell connection. I don't think this is what you mean though


Looks like it's restricted —someone activated parental controls on your device. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions and scroll down until you see the Cellular data item, you can deactivate it there (given you know the passcode).

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