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I have an Verizon iPhone 4 recently off contract that I JUST activated online with TRACFONE. I did it all on the website, providing them with the IMEI number first to buy the access code then to buy the airtime minutes which TRIPLED into three buckets, talk text and data. It really does work. Phones must not be brand new but previously used on Verizon CDMA ...


When you borrow a sim card from somebody to active your phone it will say Type in your Icloud you type in their icloud if not icloud it may so aol it will not affect their sim card or phone. After that go to setting and delted their icloud and make yours.


It sounds as though the issue resides in the LTE bands supported by the device. If the iPhone is model A1533 it will not support LTE bands: 6 and 9. A1533 is the model of most American unlocked devices. On Apple's LTE site it gives a list of each unlocked device, and the supported bands that has been organized geographically. iPhone 5S model A1453 is the ...


A Sim lock can only be unlocked by the provider it is locked to ! If you had it unlocked in another way the iPhone is hacked, or even jailbroken. You cannot update or upgrade it anymore. Restore it as new (iTunes) and hope for the best.

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