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No. CDMA will only work of you buy and activate your 4S device onto a CDMA carrier. The FAQ shows that when you activate the phone it will choose one technology for coverage in country. GSM Registered phones will roam on GSM as will CDMA phones. Sprint should work in 35 unnamed countries and Verizon in 40 at launch.


The limitation of simultaneous voice and data is not one of the iPhone but one related to the CDMA2000 standard. However, the official CDMA Development group announced the CMDA X standard on Aug 17 2009. This standard allows for simultaneous voice and data: Quoting the press release A complementary device enhancement known as simultaneous 1X Voice and ...


Of course, it's possible! Simply buy a Gevey Turbo SIM ultra S CDMA. Note: type "geve" into google and watch it autofill with "gevey sim". Good news- You're in luck because the price is not bad for the CDMA Gevey SIM turbo at this time. sometimes, they're close to $100. only $35 right now. also, i've included some other links to help explain ...


According to Apple, "CDMA networks do not support simultaneous voice and data over any connection." I tried this with a Sprint phone, it didn't work. It gives an error message when you try to surf the web when on a call. However WiFi data still works.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Only quirk is you won’t get LTE data on networks other than Verizon, especially Airtel and Aircel, as Asian carriers use different bands. You are probably gonna get LTE in Europe, and that too most likely on CDMA networks, but you will have to check with the carrier. I really hate this fragmentation.


No, if you purchased an iPhone 4S that utilizes CDMA, you will not be able to coerce it to function with GSM technology. As per the iPhone 4S Technical Specifications page: CDMA available only if iPhone 4S is sold and activated for use on a CDMA network.


No. iPhones only have GSM SIM slots. The CDMA iPhone 5 can only use CDMA on the carrier which sold the phone. Those phones also have a GSM nanoSIM slot for use around the world.


Apple can't unlock your phone. That sort of thing is about carrier networks and it can only be unlocked by the carrier that the device is locked to.


In the settings app, get the MEID and have your cellular carrier provision for that number. CDMA isn't something you can self enroll unless your carrier lets you enter that information into a web portal or other self-service kiosk. In the US, CDMA carriers still put in a SIM which carries an IMEI for the appropriate carrier, but I don't recall ever having ...

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