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It might be some VDCAssistant programs using it. Try this ,Open a terminal window and type the command below. sudo killall VDCAssistant This will kill all other programs and you will be able to use your camera again.


According to https://www.apple.com/iphone/compare/ the 6s Plus uses OIS for video.


There are several apps if you want to do it on iphone. I used Vhoto for a while ago. They also added gif conversion. Its free so you can try easily Here are the key features taken from itunes description. Key Features: Record or import your videos Vhoto finds and creates GIFs and pics Trim to create the perfect loop Nudge to get the best ...


The way introduced here seems a bit troublesome, but I guess it will finally help you figure it out. The very first step is to export the videos from iPhone, while the other way is to rotate iPhone videos in a right position with a professional video editor.


Turn your phone on and off!! It worked for mine !!


Use Image Capture, in the Applications folder - which is the importer 'behind' Photos.app anyway. You can set it to auto-launch any capable app, including itself [or do nothing] & set exactly where your imports should be saved. You can also dictate whether it should auto-delete from the camera afterwards, or alternatively you can manually delete any ...


Set "Upload to My Photo Stream" on in Photos and Camera Settings

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