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I use an app that works pretty well for turning a spare iDevice into a security camera and monitoring that feed on another iDevice. It's called "Presence" It's free with IAPs, but I've never paid a dime and it works fine for me. You will need to make an account with them, though.


There are a lot of ways to do so from plugging your iphone to your PC, but as it is 2015 and we prefer to do things wirelsessly. I have a couple of suggestins. If you want to only upload sertain photos I would suggest using google drive/dropbox, both support multiupload, you only select the ones you want ot upload and they will just appear in according ...


Short answer: Your selfie stick is pretending to be a set of iPhone headphones and pressing the button on your stick is actually the same as pressing the volume up or down button which captures a photo. You can do the same with normal iPhone headphones, or by pressing the physical button on your iPhone. Detailed answer: Note: +(ve) and -(ve) refers to ...


iOS implements a feature to allow the user to take a photo by pressing the volume up/down button on the earphone remote. The selfie stick simply recreates this button press by shorting out pin 4 (microphone) and pin 3 (ground).


Your MacBook Pro HDMI port is output only. So no, you can not use it as input for your recording. Your alternatives are USB 3 or Thunderbolt.


Now you can use Microsoft's OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) and Google Photos for media backup instead. Both offer 15 GB of free storage each.


These "randomly named folders" are consistent with the Design rule for Camera File system (DCF) that Apple and all modern digital cameras use. From the Wikipedia article on DCF: (emphasis my own) Directory and file structure The filesystem in a digital camera contains a DCIM (Digital Camera Images) directory, which can contain multiple ...


Depending on the lighting conditions the exposure time is between 1/50000 to 1/15 seconds. However with camera apps (other than the default one) you can achieve much longer exposure times (as long as you want).


I had same issue to Delete Undeletable Photos On iPhone you need to make fake folder with no images in it .... here is the video which how to do that.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRlEO1kMUmI

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