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The app has been Photos since the original iPhone OS release, although there has been an album named "Camera Roll" as long as I can remember (iPhone OS 2.0 was my first). See http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0163/8048/files/iOS-Evolutionjpg.jpg?1903 Update: The app can be called Photos or Photos.app or Photos on iOS. Apple seems to just call it Photos, ...


I'd recommend using the app called Documents (https://readdle.com/products/documents). You can save all kinds of documents on it and it's easy to use and organize files on.


See... iCloud, meet Photos: What's changing for your images in iOS 8 How to Find Your Photos in iOS 8 (And Where Is Camera Roll?) iOS 8, thoroughly reviewed:Camera & Photos extract... while Camera Roll is gone, its photos are not. They've simply moved over to a different location in the Photos app: Collections. Collections, which organizes ...


Why is this happening: because deleting the picture from DCIM has no effect on the database listing the pictures neither to the thumbnails generated during the capture of the picture. Once the DCIM empty the DB points to void placeholders. How to do otherwise: try rebooting the iPhone. Next time delete them form the device or use some 3rd party softs.

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