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A dangerous way to move forward is to use the DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES environment variable to change which python framework the calendar server uses. You will need to edit the launchd plist for the calendar server inside of the bundle to add your the environment variable. Look in for the ...


I got the same problem. For me it worked to delete the Google account in Internet Accounts altogether, then adding it back.


Settings > General > Mail, Contacts, And Calendars > Scroll to the bottom where it says Default Calendar and make sure the "On This iPhone" option isn't checked. If it is then you need to select the appropriate calendar for this be it your FIRM or Corporate Calendar. An option your IT Administrator or if your FIRM or Corporation requires to have an app for ...


Guess it has something to do with latest iOS update, removing account(s) which have shared calendars solve my problem.


Since you have Apple products listed, iCloud calendars would be the place to start. Go to: There is a link in the top right on the instructions for setting up each of your devices to use iCloud for calendar syncing: Start with one device - then check in the cloud using ...


I had the same problem in a Office365 domain. The solution was to let the owner of the calendar change the color in her own iCal. Then this color will change in other users iCal also.


Here's a way to show the time remaining until the next calendar event in the menu bar. Install icalBuddy in /usr/local/bin (the easiest way is with Homebrew: brew install ical-buddy) Download and launch BitBar Put the following script in the plugin folder you selected (as, for example): #!/bin/bash osascript <<'END' set theEventInfo ...

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