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Answer to Posted Question When you enter the diskutil command to resize your boot partition disk0s2, the recovery partition disk0s3 will automatically be moved. You do not want to move this recovery partition to the end of the disk using a separate command. In other words, you are trying to do the wrong thing. See Merge partitions with Macintosh HD for the ...


The recommended method to expand Macintosh HD is to backup and remove your Windows partition with WinClone, expanding your OS X volume and restoring the Windows partition. This can also be done with dd and fdisk. Both methods require an external drive. A very non-conventional method exists to expand Macintosh HD by using the internal Logical Volume ...


No, there's no need to buy a physical install disk. You can certainly purchase Windows 7 online to get a product key. The ISO file containing Windows 7 can be downloaded from Microsofts web site, allowing you to install via BootCamp.


Yes you do. Bootcamp is intended to give you the ability to have both Macintosh OS, and Windows OS on a single disk. This allows you to boot either Mac or Windows via holding option at boot up and selecting the disk. More specifically, Bootcamp is a partition type created to allow the major differences in disk formats between the two OS to cooperate on a ...

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