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Installing Windows 7 Pro 64 bit without DVD or Flash Drive Here I assume your computer is configured as required by the Boot Camp Assistant. (In other words, you will be installing Windows to the 4th partition on disk 0.) Also, your firmware is up to date and you have downloaded the correct "Boot Camp Support Software" for your model Mac computer. Before ...


Windows' Disk Management has overwritten the GUID partition table with something unknown. This usually only effects the partition table but not the content of your disk (though it seems to be gone)! A proper GUID partition table has to be restored. The particular obstacle here is: the OP neither has a thumb drive nor a second Mac. Preparation: Backup the ...


The formatting should last undefined amount of time, as there are many factors potentially involved, such as disk encryption or using slow external USB drives. Before cancelling the task, you should verify if there is no progress indicated by the app, for example by marking the position of progress bar with some other window or mouse cursor, and checking ...


This was (or obviously still is in VirtualBox 5?) a known bug of VirtualBox 3 which should have been fixed in 4.0.0! The workaround is disabling the use of the new async I/O code... done by ticking "Use host I/O cache" for the SATA (and SCSI) controllers.


From Right click on the exe file the choose Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and check the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" box. Then go to Settings->System->Advanced display settings-> Then change the resolution to 1920 x 1200.


Update #2 I see you were able to successfully install Windows 10 by modifying the procedure given here. At some point in the future, I should replace this answer with a procedure similar to what you followed. Update #1 In my answer, I did state that I would need additional information before recommending changes to the steps given. Apple has published ...

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