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Boot to Recovery Mode (hold cmdR while booting). In the menubar open Utilities -> Terminal. Now change your working directory and go to /Volumes: cd /Volumes List all volumes: ls -l Move to your main volume cd name_of_main_volume Now you can move forward to a directory to remove files and folders with cd folder_name. Appropriate paths to remove ...


Citing ~/Library/LaunchAgents and /Library/LaunchAgents are used for the currently logged in user. /Library/LaunchDaemons is for running things as root ( or the user specified with the UserName key) when the machine boots. The key (no pun intended), however, is that plists placed in /Library/LaunchDaemons/ must be owned by root:wheel ...


It should work, depending on the model of MacBook Air an external USB drive will be able to boot the system but it will likely be slower than an internal drive on the PCI/SATA bus. You should also have a Thunderbolt or mini display port for connecting a monitor. So it should work. Whether or not it will perform acceptably is difficult to say.


From the results you posted, I can see the GUID for the Recovery partition is wrong. This is partition number 3 in the tables. The correct value in the GPT would be 426F6F74-0000-11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC. The fdisk command also shows the value to be wrong in the MBR table. Here, the correct value should be AB. If you can not boot to your Recovery partition ...


Apple uses their own boot loader, which only boots OS X, so I am not entirely sure what you mean by secure boot. However, I assume you are asking how you can tell if a Mac has been secured with a firmware password. To find out, simply try to boot the Mac into anything but the normal OS X boot process. Try using an external boot volume, recovery mode, ...


Your Mac Pro (MacPro4,1) officially neither supports Windows 10 nor booting from USB thumb drives. The only Mac Pro model supporting Windows 10 installed with Boot Camp Assistant according to Apple is the Mac Pro (Late 2013).

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