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The "invalid node structure" and "disk I/O" errors you see in verbose mode are both indicative of a failing hard drive. The invalid node structure points to a problem with the data cataloging mechanism of the operating system, basically that system that keeps track of where all the data is stored. One off reports of this aren't so bad but coupled with the ...


Hold ⌥ on boot and select your OS X partition. This changes your boot partition once for that time you boot. If you want to change it permanently, boot to OS X, open System Preferences → Startup Disk and select your OS X partition, or boot to Windows, open the Boot Camp Control Panel and select the OS X partition as the boot partition. Then, you will need ...


Cloned drives are generally not a problem. You don't want to do a simple drag/drop. SuperDuper from ShirtPocket will clone your drive and ensure it's bootable. CarbonCopyCloner will do the same. There are some more details in How can I get my laptop's existing system onto a new replacement drive?


AppleUSBMultitouchDriver is your touchpad, it has some problems but eventually it does it, however, I would recommend the Internet recovery (cmd-opt-r) to reinstall the driver. The IO80211Controller is your Network interface 802.11 making a note.


I struggled a lot with Matthieu's solution since it caused two problems on my Mac OS X 10.9.2: Jobs in the LaunchAgents folder are executed using the current user. However arp needs to be executed using root. The arp-command is executed too early, when the network is not up. But the network is needed by the arp-command. The first problem can be solved by ...


My early 2011 17" starting exhibiting grapics errors yesterday. Today it would not boot. Boot fails when the screen exhibits vertical bars instead of gray background when the apple logo first appears. The apple logo disappears and only gray remains. Then the fans crank up. I can get back to a successful boot with the integrated graphics. Here is how: Let ...

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