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Creating Pinned Tab Icons Pinned Sites allow your users to keep their favorite websites open, running, and easily accessible. You can set the icon that the user sees when they pin your site by providing a vector image. Providing the Vector Image Use 100% black for all vectors with a transparent background in SVG format and add the following ...


If you're lucky enough to still have your bookmarks bar, this worked for me: I went to the web page I wanted to bookmark, highlighted the entire URL, then dragged it onto the bar. Voila!


It depends on where you are in Safari. If you're looking at the grid of favorites (like you would see when you open a new tab), you can tap and hold on the icons to delete them. If you are looking at the list of favorites (like you would see when accessing your reading list with the book icon next to the address/search bar), the edit button should make a ...

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