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I have a solution, although I'm unable to say why it works, or if I've lost something else in the process. A search on Bonjour/Actiontec/wireless yielded (yabfog.com/blog/2012/09/14/…) with the suggestion to disable IGMP proxy on the Actiontec router. No issues since I made the change.


I think you don't need to register a new hostname if you're just about publishing web services. On the Mac, you can register a new website with bonjour on the command line with dns-sd -R "My Website" _http._tcp . 80 path=/path-to-page.html you can verify that it worked by using Safari's bonjour menu or on the command line with dns-sd -B _http._tcp ...


The quickest way to fix this issue is to add a simple space to the end of the name of the Apple TV. Restart the device and it will now show up without the bracketted number appended. My guess is that the Space acts like a wild card in the Bonjour Log and won't treat each instance of the apple TV as another instant of the last.

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