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The computers are not being discovered by Bonjour; they're being discovered by NetBIOS. NetBIOS is a common network protocol that all IP-based devices use to announce themselves on the network. That includes printers, security cameras, phones, etc. It cannot be disabled on the infrastructure side (well, technically it can but this would break one of the ...


It's possible to block Bonjour traffic by configuring pf to disallow: MAC addresses: 01:00:5E:00:00:FB – IPv4 33:33:00:00:00:FB – IPv6 IP addresses: – multicast IPv4 address FF02::FB – multicast IPv6 address UDP port 5353 However, this will also impact your own regular and "desirable" hosts. One possibility is to configure a VLAN and set it ...


Rebooted the NAS, now it works.

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