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Yes, as @Buscar웃SD said, you can use an external Bluetooth adapter. On my Macbook Pro 13" I had to use Apple's Bluetooth Explorer to set my USB adapter as the active controller. This page describes how to download and use Bluetooth Explorer.


I don't know of any one OS X app that can do all of that for you, but here are a few recommendations. Turn your Mac into an AirPlay Speaker Airfoil from Rouge Amoeba works great for me to stream podcasts, music, radio, etc. from iOS devices to my MacBook Pro (Mid 2012). Note that you'll need to also install Airfoil Speakers which is a free, separate ...


You can't easily downgrade your iPhone. This is discussed here on AD.SE. Searching on Google I see some people claiming it can be done, but I can't and won't confirm myself because of the bricking risks involved. Good news is, from threads at the Apple forums, it looks like you just have to pair your iPhone and speaker again. In your phone go to Settings ...


Go into the Finder, type command + shift + u and open Script Editor by selecting it and typing command + o. In a new script, type (since you can't highlight to copy) tell application "System Events" click button "Turn Bluetooth Off" of window 1 of application process "System Preferences" end tell and then type command + r to run the script. The ...

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