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The percentage of battery used also factors in the amount of time you were using either the personal hotspot or the phone. Therefore, the percentage of battery use will also change, based on which service you use more frequently. Popstar is exactly right: constantly searching for a signal requires more power than maintaining a good signal. You could look ...


If a lithium ion battery is drained and left to sit for an extended period of time uncharged, it can go into a "sleep" state that does not enable a recharge by standard charging methods. I found this info at http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries "Li-ion should never be discharged too low, and there are several safeguards ...


The symptoms you report are common of lithium power cells that are failing. Why not have it looked at by Apple as they have online battery diagnosis available from web support and if you bought it from an Apple Reseller or Apple Directly, the warranty should cover the problem if the battery isn't performing correctly.


Your question is a great excuse to update and expand my previous answer on interpreting these diagnostic logs. The partial charge field is a simple binary field. A zero means you didn't plug in your phone and these logs document how much usage you got out of a full charge. A one value means that you did plug your phone in after the last full charge and that ...

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