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These are what you need to keep in mind: The battery works using chemical reactions, these reactions cannot be stopped but they can be slowed. A laptop with the battery left in will continue using that battery very slowly. A battery left completely dead inside a laptop that is still trying to draw power will kill the battery completely. If you are ...


gfxCardStatus is an unobtrusive menu bar app for OS X that allows MacBook Pro users to see which apps are affecting their battery life by using the more power-hungry graphics. https://gfx.io By this way you can simply disable your graphic card by an icon in your menu bar.


Yes you have to change your battery. The Apple technician will confirm you it is beyond dead, as a dead spring (a battery is just a chemical spring with a finite life).


That's a good question - gave me a bit of head scratch. My initial answer (I will come with something else once I contemplate on that a bit) would be onefor myself. I personally prefer terminal/bash to solve most of my OS X problems and belive me, most of them can be done very efficiently from the terminal ;) That being said, I would write very short, very ...


The battery include a so-called "fuel gauge" chip that keeps track of the charge level, health status and individual cell balance. This chips is providing the battery level measurement that is displayed by OS X. As a result, you may install a new battery without consideration of its current charge level -- whatever the charge level actually is, it will be ...


Sounds like you have some hardware problems there. Which ipad is this? From the sound of it, you have some pins bridged on the ipad, or it has liquid damage or something like that. Something like that is hard to diagnose without physically seeing it.


In Applications->Utilities there is an app called SystemInformation. Start it, on the left side select "Power", on the right side find (battery..) "health information" cycle count should not be more than 500 and condition should be "normal". Anything other than "normal" means: replace the battery. Do that asap as the battery may be leaking or swelling. You ...


The battery in your phone is dying. Continuing to use it and charge it could cause it to catch on fire. You can take it to Apple to be repaired/replaced but will probably cost a lot as it is an older phone or you can take it to a local phone "fix-it" place to have the battery replaced. It looks like https://www.batteriesplus.com will replace it fot $60 or ...


A third party tool such as DssW Sleep Monitor can be used to track the amount of time your Mac was powered on. The application tracks power and battery use. Totals are available in the applications' Info panel. I wrote Sleep Monitor, so am bias. Also please note Sleep Monitor 3 works on OS X 10.7 – 10.9.

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