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Apple hasn't really discussed specifically what Low Power Mode actually does. Its main underdocumented feature is that it underclocks the processor, reducing performance to increase battery life, but there's a few other tweaks it makes to the system as noted underneath the switch. As shown in these screenshots, Low Power Mode reduces the performance by ...


Your indicator light seems broken and is pretty much hardwired. Did it ever see any moisture? Replacing it is a relatively difficult procedure, as seen in this video. You will find more guides on iFixit (e.g. this one) explaining how to get to the Battery Indicator Light. But I don't know where you could get a new one if yours is broken. If you are looking ...


SMC Reset To your minor question: I do not think the absence of the battery should affect the SMC reset. Source: I have successfully done this with an older mac with no battery and corrected fan problems. Key Observations Since it is not obvious what your problem is, I will cover some bases starting with some key observations: You did not mention ...


I was very surprised to open Control Center on iOS 9 and not see a battery icon! Apple manages to fill other things in very nicely and that would have been very logical (from my view). Unfortunately, as of iOS 9.0, there is no simplified way to toggle Low Power Mode. As you discovered the only way to enable it is to open the Settings.app and then opening ...


Ask Siri to "enable low-power mode". This requires an Internet connection of some type because of Siri so if you are, in fact, using an iPhone without a data plan then you will need to be on wifi.


The battery came today, i didnt even noticed that the macbook booted, as there where no noise coming from the fan. Also the keyboard backlight worked straight out of the box. So, my smc-reset either didnt worked without the battery or the ac adapter couldnt find enough voltage. All in all its working like a charm :) thank you!

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