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How about something like Knock? http://www.knocktounlock.com It's not exactly the same as looking up a time-dependent code, but does require the 'second factor' in order to unlock. The neat thing is that many apps (I think Knock included) run on Bluetooth, so when you walk away from the Mac and the BT disconnects, it automatically locks up the machine.


A quick Google gives a few viable options, but true two-factor authentication is extremely difficult to implement on a Mac. Since Apple does not provide a solution for this, a third party would need to create an app that works with either a SMS or a companion iPhone app. The only problem is Apple does not let developers make a way to prevent the person from ...


My portal is implemented by redirecting all traffic at an IP level to a local server, which then generates a genuine HTTP redirect to our portal. Ok. But you miss another part. Your page displayed in CNA must content the wispr datas. Triggering CNA <==needs== [unreachable apple url] + [wispr datas in the html]


I had a similar issue, I was notified by a member of my workplace. I was unable to log in using network accounts but successful when logging in with a local administrator account. Everything seemed fine when I looked at the account preferences. I did the first thing I always do if there is a technical issue, I rebooted the computer. When it rebooted, I saw a ...

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