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Audacity has a change tempo effect you could try in the Effects menu. It might end up making it sound funny, so you will obviously want to listen to it once the effect is applied, but it doesn't simply play it back faster which would change the pitch (that is the change speed effect.) If my math is right you will want to change it by +11.4% to get from 3:54 ...


If you are using a Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter this should help you. If you are using Mini-DVI to HDMI adapter then you will have to get audio from your headphone port via an external cable because DVI is strictly video.


In general, no. On a stock iOS device, the OS security sandbox prevents any app from recording, or otherwise accessing in any way, the audio generated by any other app, unless that other app explicitly exports its audio (via AudioBus or Inter-App Audio). Some (but not all) synthesizer and drum machines (etc.) apps document support for such.

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