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Resolution: I installed Yosemite on an external drive so that I could find all the system files related to audio (using EasyFind, a great search utility for Mac), compare them to my existing system for any file size mismatches, and then replace the offending file(s). The offending file was found in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL and was most likely ...


I have the same issue than Nidale except that my physical keyboard layout is correct according to the APPLE's layout: AZERTY physical keyboard Configure as French Numerical (so 123 underneath the french flag icon) The issue was solved simply by clicking on the flag in the menu bar and choosing the same keyboard layout as Tom asked to add (french flag ...


I had the same problem and FINALLY found a workable solution. Run this in your terminal. After this you just need to manually connect to your bluetooth audio system. sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DontPageAudioDevices 1

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