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You can darken the the background of menu bars in Yosemite using "Dark mode". To enable this go to System Preferences-->General, and check the box next to "Use dark menu bar and Dock".


Depending on how your System prefs are set, F3 will do a variety of window-juggling tasks… If Prefs > Keyboard > Keyboard is set to default, with "Use all F1, F2…" unchecked then they will work as stated, if it's checked you will need to add the Fn key to each of these commands. F3 will toggle Mission Control - all windows of all apps & Desktops ...


The dock does not shows the windows but the applications. But once you choose an application you can switch among windows with command+` To see all the open windows you can use exposé: press F10 to show all the windows of the current application or F9 for all the windows. You can also configure a gesture in the system preferences.

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