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Keyboard Maestro provides an Activate Application Switcher action that you can map to cmd + tab in a macro to replace the OS X application switcher. Within the Activate Application Switcher action there is an option Enable mouse rollover selection that is on by default but can be disabled. This won't be a seamless replacement to the OS X application ...


Command+Tab doesn't work because the game is running in Full Screen. In most games you can enable Window Mode within the game's Preferences and / or switch between Window Mode and Full Screen with a shortcut. As for my experience, doing Command+M tends to do the trick.


I keep my dock on the right side of the screen which keeps it on one display, i.e. the rightmost display when I set up the arrangement.


As sudo-workaround. I recommend hiding the dock. It feels a little more natural to me. At least until they allow the option to keep in on one display.

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