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If your MBP is early 2011 or newer and there's an Apple TV on the same wifi network as you, you should see an icon that looks like a TV in the menu bar. Click it and you'll get a dropdown menu listing all the available Apple TVs (in case there's more than one). Click yours and you should be good to go! If your MBP is older than early 2011, you'll need a ...


We have a similar setup at our school, approx. 1300 students and an Apple TV in every room, most of which are connected to Dell projectors and Promethean interactive whiteboards. Like your setup, our ATVs connect via Ethernet. And yes, we've had our fair share of teething troubles since adopting Apple equipment in 2012, particularly with dropped ...


I didn't see you mention iTunes at all in your post. iTunes is essential. Unfortunately, AFAIK, you can no longer just "share" movies from iTunes to ATV. You have to turn on Home Sharing, and I believe this requires a live internet connection. Both iTunes and ATV log into Home Sharing, and everything loaded in iTunes is available on the ATV. If you do ...


But I don't think itunes support avi file since all Apple device only accepts .mp4, .mov and .m4v videos. You'd better convert avi to mp4 or other Apple supported video format before straming via AirPlay.

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