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I have 2 apple tv’s. One wouldn’t work anymore. I went to Utilities, Airport Utilities and noticed there was a newer version available. Once I installed the newer version my apple TV finally worked. I don’t know if this will help anyone else, but it did the trick for me.


Make sure when tagging your files you are setting them to video type "Movie". Some tagging programs default to "Home Movie". I couldn't figure out why several of my movies were missing then I realized that I accidentally had them tagged as Home Movie.


This is similar to another recent question: Is Apple TV intelligent enough to stream directly from a NAS? As @tubedogg says, you need iTunes running on a Mac/PC in your network to share local files. You can only remove this requirement if you buy/stream everything from the iTunes store. Unless you hack your ATV. You can run something like PlexConnect on ...


You have Bluetooth turned off on your iPhone according to one of your (many) screenshots. Bluetooth must be turned on for Peer-to-peer Airplay to function. See e.g. this Apple support article (scroll down to Peer-to-peer Airplay).

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