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You will always see the gear in the menu bar if you are using Automator. If you want it to exit quickly, create a wrapper that forks off your android script into another process, and exits.


You can use gcp from homebrew for this. Install gcp with brew install coreutils Then You can make something like this: gcp --parents drawable*/ic_icon1.png /path/to/output/dir This will copy all ic_icon1.png preserving directory tree. From man gcp: --parents use full source file name under DIRECTORY


In System Preferences > Sharing > Bluetooth Sharing, ensure that Folder for accepted items is set to something. If it isn't set, incoming file transfers are rejected automatically.


Jash's reply is correct - you can't change the phone to which a Whatsapp number is assigned from another phone. Otherwise anyone could hijack anyone else's account. Unfortunately this means that if your phone is not accessible you can't move the account to another device.

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