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This feature request is now active in their development. However, it can take some years to get it because of limited resources in their development. I will let you know when I get more pieces of information about the issue. There are some tickets which has to be solved before such a feature can be implemented.


The only way to be sure the message is being sent to his Android is to use a 3rd-party text service like Viber. These services are designed to be device agnostic and are good solutions for people looking for cross-device (android to iphone, for example) communication. They can also tell you when messages are delivered and if they are read by the recipient. ...


The Android OS doesn't allow apps to modify the wifi settings, unless you have a rooted device. The alternative you have is to use something like Dropbox or Lastpass which allow notes to sync across devices. You can write your long wifi passwords on the desktop, then open the synced file on your mobile phone and copy&paste it into the form. At least ...

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