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The short answer... no. FaceTime is an app designed for use on iPhones. While there are other methods of video conferencing available for use between the different phone types, the use of FaceTime is exclusive to iPhones.


Borrow an old iPhone and run the Apple migration tool by following the setup directions on iOS 9 or you could use the Relo tool to attempt a dry-run on the Android side. That way, you can actually use the new OS for a bit and if it's unlocked, you could swap SIM cards between the two devices. If you don't mind the cash outlay, you could also buy a new phone ...


"I'd say just try using the android phone as a Wi-fi hotspot" - Matthieu Riegler Unfortunately tethering makes no difference, the iPad uses known Wi-fi locations in its database to locate you. your tethering location won't be recorded or used. Source: 2 days of trying different techniques and looking up workarounds. If tethered to a phone with GPS, but ...


You can not use USB cable and still manage to transfer photos from Mac to Android device, if you use AirMore, AirDrop or Dropbox to help you.

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