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Sometimes you might find a "Recovered Items" folder in the Trash. Don't worry, you can safely delete this folder.


if you have ruby installed, check out this ruby script https://github.com/ytbryan/aka The script provides functionalities like persistency and auto sourcing of dot file. You can manage aliases via terminal without breaking your workflow and open a text editor. disclaimer: I wrote this script and use it everyday. Let me know if there's any bug/idea. :)


The alias command requires you to have no spaces around the = and also you should use " or ' to enclose the string not urge curly quote ‘ you have. That quote often appears in pdfs and books when the editing program tries to make things look nice. so the command should be alias showFiles="defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE; killall ...


OS X can create both, but in different ways. As you seem to be using the word 'alias' it is a file (or directory) shortcut that be created in Finder for anything you see listed there, whereas a symlink (symbolic link) can be created in a shell instance started by your terminal app by, for example, ln -s <source file path><target file path> - a ...

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