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I don't think this is a problem with iTunes showing the wrong artwork because you didn't buy the music from them. It seems like they have artist artwork and album artwork. It makes sense if you have multiple albums by the same artist; which 'album art cover' should it use to represent the artist? Now if you only have one album for an artist, it does seem a ...


Apply the albums artwork manually. Tools like mp3tag are very useful. I use it to manage my 500+ album collection. Just google the cover. Download it. And apply it across all the albums mp3s using the aforementioned tool. Upon adding the tracks to iTunes, it will sync and play with the proper artwork always.


The "awesome" thing is, that if you want to have the right Coverart in your iPhone you are obligated to buy your music in the iTunes store, else it messes the Coverart up (even though it is the correct one in iTunes). Bottomline: neither Amazon mp3 nor imported CD (no matter if original or not) will have the right cover in your iPhone. Thanks apple for this ...

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